Ambae Evacuation

The unstable volcanic activity of Monaro volcano in Vanuatu is forcing the complete evacuation of Ambae island's 11,000 residents. Further Arts is raising funds to support a project that records testimony of the inhabitants of Ambae towards cultural resilience. 

The Council of Chiefs on Ambae wants to actively conserve the island's traditional knowledge and for the islanders to play the main part in this research. They have asked Further Arts to support this work during the permanent evacuation of the island. 

Furtherarts, with the support and endorsement of the Ambae Council of Chiefs, the Penama provincial government and the National Disaster Management Office, worked with the people of Ambae to document the evacuations in Autumn 2017 when the residents were re-located to the neighbouring island of Espiritu Santo. 

The work documenting the permanent evacuation will occur directly with island chiefs and elders. We will document local wisdom related to the Manaro volcano and the effects of the recent evacuation and repatriation of people.

Further Arts considers this invitation to work with the people of Ambae towards the intangible cultural heritage as both an honour and a serious task that needs to be supported.

The objective of the project is to increase the resilience of Ambae people through instigating creative communication and cultural strength and thereby reduce vulnerability. This creative cultural work will also shine a light on social, economic and environmental costs of future disasters related to life on an active volcano. This project can make a significant contribution to sustainable development in Ambae and Penama Province, and the research has applications to the whole Pacific zone.

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During the Autumn evacuation the Vanuatu press published a story about the work Further Arts is doing. Read it here

The activities that we are fundraising for include: 

Costs for community research; travel expenses for the Chiefs of Ambae; costs of the media team in facilitating, interviewing and collecting testimony; travel expense for media crew and for the collection of data. 

Costs will be shared and filed. An evaluative Impact Research report identifying learnings and opportunities towards communities living with volcanoes and facing evacuation will complete the project and be conducted by Further Arts with support from Griffith University, Australia. 

Further Arts 

Further Arts (FA) is a charitable association based in Port Vila, Vanuatu. Its main objective is to empower ni-Vanuatu to develop long-term social and commercial enterprises in the industries of creative arts, agriculture and communications that are culturally, socially, environmentally and financially sustainable. 

Our team combines experienced media producers with  ni-Vanuatu young artists, musicians and creatives. FA works closely with the Vanuatu National Cultural Council and the Vanuatu Kaljoral Senta. We also work with Wan Smol Bag, Canal Studio, Youth Against Corruption and other partners. The importance of FA as a regional institution has been recognised by the Melanesian Spearhead Group (MSG) which has allocated FA a seat on the Standing Cultural Council. FA is also working with the Peace and Conflict Studies Institute Australia exploring peace as a fundamental driver of successful projects.

This Work Is Supported By:

Ambae Council of Chiefs 

The Penama provincial government 

The National Disaster Management Office

Field Ready

Griffith University


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